cricket south africa posts ashwins photo tweet regarding pujara


On the first day of the last Test match between India and South Africa, But the country's cricket board's social media division is still in pulses. India's first innings of the Safaris bowlers was tested to score a half-century by Indian Niaal Pujara. The South African Board of Sports has congratulated Pujara on this occasion and has angered Indian fans.
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What's that tweeted? 'Pujara's career has scored 17th century. He scored very slowly in 173 balls. The first ball was 50 balls, "he tweeted Ashwin's picture instead of Pujara.During the second Test, Indian keeper Parthiv Patel tweeted the name of Saha and later apologized. Indian cricket fans are sarcastically commenting on the latest mistake of South Africa. Pujarala is patient with us to do the tears before tweeting. The worst balls and garbage photos have come up with a comment.

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