kathi mahesh supports director varmas god sex and truth


The sensational director Ram Gopal Varma is starring with star Mia Malkova and is busy working on the truth of his dream. Varma, who has already started making sensations with Making Stills, said, "God, Sex and Truth" will release the full video on January 26th on Republic Day.Mahesh, the film critic, has been responding to this video in the wake of disagreements. He made a series of tweets saying his support to director Varma.
Courtesy: Sakshi | Image Credit: Sakshi
'Mia is not a body. A universal form of humour. Mia is not a woman. Females represent sexual liberties. In the words of Mia in support of a woman who has been suppressed in some ages, a male named Ramagopal Varma has been touted as "God, Sex and Truth".
'The philosophy of philosophers goes beyond the shock valley. Many revolutionary slogans are heard in this trailer. Verma says, so without looking suspicious, the objective looks like an ancient fact. A formidable, unsatisfying physical perfection will be understood' Mia from.Throat. Verma Shock Value, M.Mirkavani background music added an Epic value. Get heart rate. See the brain and see it. You look forward to me. Whether we see the whole film. @RGVzoomin ', the knife said, expressing his opinion and supporting Varma.

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