kim jong un will sent beauty army south korea


North Korean President Kim Jong Un took another sensational decision. Kim is a dictator who often crosses forecasts with nuclear missile tests. Kim is determined to send a blonde army to their Winter Olympics in neighbouring South Korea. If the arms are like weapons, they are not going to go to South Korea because their president is sending.
Courtesy: Sakshi | Image Credit: Sakshi
Leading the team of beauties is Kim's love hone Song Vol. There has been widespread publicity that Kim has recently murdered her. But she did not know that she was coming to see her. Kim is sent to Korea to eliminate the disadvantage of being a dictator in the country.His girlfriend Songwol appeared to the outside world when 22 people wanted to make their athletes participate in the Kim Winter Olympics. The Maan Bang Bang of Pyong Yang is the lead singer of the song Song. These women are being trained by Kim as the band is taken by those women.

Generally, some people are called 'Army of Beauties' if they are a group. These lovers go to D. Korya along with athletes. Soldiers dressed in a dress code designed in line with the dances and shouting about their home.Kim is planning to show the world that there is no dictatorial rule in North Korea. The Olympics are the leaders who encourage and encourage athletes, but there are serious criticisms that Kim Jong Un alone is the only person who sends the dancers (blonde).

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