wife and husband relationship in hindu marriage act


Indian Hindu wedding system has the world's greatest reputation.

This wedding system is respected by everyone.

However, some manipulations misunderstood the affair of their spouse.

As a result, there are many extremes.

There is a poem trend in social media about husband and wife affiliation.
Called "Amanda" from the bathroom means to cock the cockroach.
After eating in the restaurant, it is called "ammandy" that means a bill.
It is understood that in the Kalyanandampalai "Amandi"
In the garment store, "Amindi" means calling the sari that you are looking for.

When you go to the cart, you call "Amanda" means buying flowers.
When you go to the hospital, you say "what" means to come to talk with the doctor.
Come to Vaikkitt and see outside and say "Amanda" means that no one knows.
Standing in front of beer is called "ammandy" means money needs to be.

Standing near the dining table called "Amanda" means to go to the dessert.
When you're eating, it's called "what" means that you've asked me about tasting meals.
Standing in front of the knee and calling "what" means to tell you what is in this saree.
"Walking" means walking while walking.
When you take your last breath, you say, "whatever" means to take me along with you.

It is not a misunderstanding to kill what you mean by knowing that there is an infinite pleasure in masculinity. The world's most respected Hindu wedding system ... We have the responsibility to keep that dignity ... every single day with a single person to fall in love.

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