wife kidnap murdered husband


Courtesy: Sakshi | Image Credit: Sakshi
The murder took place on Thursday night in Badaadri, Newgoodem district, where the murder was committed. Palligadla Padma (30) of Illendu, who was employed at Tekkuppalli, was married to the auto driver Bandaroo Prabhakar, 12 years old and married to Karepalli Mandal. They have two children. Prabhakar continued to marry another woman, often starting to torture her.

He raised suspicion on his wife. With her transfer from Tekkuppally to Jeddi, she moved to Khammam. There have also been complaints against the Padma police when it is often harassed. Even though the police paid counciling, the elders did not change the Prabhakar despite the panchayat. Within two months, the victims are in the house of Ellendu with Padma Children. From there, employment is coming from Khammam daily.

The bus is going down the bus at 7.30 am on Thursday. Prabhakar was arrested for kidnapping and taking him to auto. In the auto, Chunni was wounded in the neck and killed. The body was hit on the road to Motlududam road. Police also detained two more suspects besides the accused. The accused are absconding and will soon be caught by DSP G. He said.

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