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Nikhil is the hero of the movie 'Happy Days'. After that, some films turned Nikhil from Success. Nikhil changed his style and made varied films like 'Swami Raara', 'Kartikeya', 'Surya Vs Surya', 'Sankarabharanam', ‘ekkadiki potav chinnavad’ and 'Keshava'. Nikhil's image has soared. Nikhil is one of the star heroes of Tollywood. This is a full-fledged college backdrop film that I have done since "Happy Days". So it's special with me. I think this movie will help me better in a career. This is my 15th film. Before the release of each film, some of my kangaroo starts. Whenever I release my film, my first film will be felicitated. 'Kirrak Party' is a full-fledged entertaining film. In addition, engineering has become commonplace in these days. The unemployment problem is shown in the film. There are also things like bad things that a girl can do about her in the future. I liked the same in this movie.


Kannada 'Kirrak Party' does not differ greatly on the film. Kannada movie runs for three hours. But in Telugu, it was cut to two and a half hours. Some comedy scenes and item song that we do not need.

It's a rumor. There is no truth in producer Anil Sunkara's direction. I know that he was the first day after hitting the coconut cinema, and then came back only once in the middle.

To marry. Thinking of why the career is so well-groomed. Mother's father at home is also getting upset. I want to. You have to get married and kiss them quickly and kiss them. If you tell me how to laugh, what name do you decide if you have a daughter? Our baby is called 'Maya'. Let's see if the time comes when the wedding does not stop!

Go to the police station. In college days I encountered in about two and a half times. Then there were experiences that went to the police station. College students are the ones who pay for their home. So, if you see 'Kirrak Party', the college days will be recognized by the boys.

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