Vijayawada, March 30, (globelmedianews.com):
In fact, now there is a discussion on the same topic across AP.AP CM, politician and chairperson of the TDP, Chandrababu goes to Delhi .. If you sit there, the benefit of the AP will benefit.The center is coming down.There is the talk of more people.Pawan Kalyan has also made similar comments.CM Chandrababu went to Delhi and sit there ..Dharna was a maid that the center will fall.In fact, the TDP government is already fighting more than the expected level of the center.How much friendship did you have when friendship with the BJP?How to deal with all the same in the same dimension?Inside the parliament, the movie also shows Chandra Babu team center.However, the center is telling the truth of the proverb.How much do you hit us?For the drama played by the center Lok Sabha and chairperson in the Rajya Sabha?The doubts are on the screen.Even at the center, They are walking.


In this process, TDP MPs have made many attempts at both Houses .. so many worries. Especially if you talk about infidelity .. TP MPs will have the opportunity to hear losses on AP difficulties. Likewise, the situation also comes to the center. But now there is no such situation. This has led directly to Chandrababu and the remarks that the departure will go to Delhi. The idea was given to all the people to give advice. The NGOs' leaders in the recent meeting of the all-party meeting were mentioned at the CM. But Babu says he is not yet focused on it. If he goes to Delhi now, the results will be different. He said the rest of the parties would like to participate in national politics. However, some parties that are active in the center will be able to accumulate more preparations for fighting against the center. The whole thing is that Babu goes to Delhi. 

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