Hyderabad,March 23,(globelmedianews.com):
Once the Jagan irregular case ...Gali Janardhan Reddy is the illegal business dealer for the obelipping mining corporation ...They do not know about the CBI's former Joint Director Lakshminarayana, who has come to the fore.Jedi is the word of the house of Lakshmi Narayana as Jaddi Lakshmi Narayana in the mouth of all the mouths. However, he seems to be prepared for politics.


Pawan Kalyan is going to the Jana Sena party and there are reports that he does not have his own party. On Thursday, he got a voluntary retirement (VRS) from his job. He is currently serving as the Additional Chief Minister of Maharashtra and has submitted his VRS document to Maharashtra DGP. He asked to accept his VRS. Even though he does not say what he will do after retirement, he is stepping up his political career. If it is possible, he will decide on his own party. If it is not possible, Pavan Kalyan is saying that he is planning to start his political journey along with the Jana Party. He says he is moving towards the idea that the background of the next year's general elections will be good if he is active in politics. The Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that his own party would be the party's own party and that the party would have its own party. Another thing is that there was a time when Lakshmanarayana did not like to transfer him to Maharashtra in the case of Jagan's case. Lakshminarayana is said to have expressed displeasure over the transfer on this background. However, JD Lakshminarayanan, who has gained popularity with the Jagan case, has good support among the people. And then, is he coming to politics with that follow? That means waiting for a few seconds. Jodi Lakshmi Narayana is like the truth of the truth, who will be left behind. So, going to Jana Sana, Pavin Kalyan will definitely welcome the arrival of Jade Lakshminarayana.

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