New Delhi, March 19,(
The Lok Sabha was postponed by slogans and protests. The House was adjourned for no further proceedings between opposition protests. On Monday morning, Speaker Sumitra Mahajan started questioning in the Lok Sabha. He said that he would not be able to continue the House without the order of the House. Members have repeatedly waited to sit in their seats. But the Opposition is shouting slogans and the situation is not known what will happen in the House. The central government has been shouting slogans.

Subsequently, Sumitra Mahajan was adjourned for the march. Delhi, which has turned out to be infidelity, changing political developments, which was seen in two days. However, An unbelievable resolution is coming up to the Lok Sabha. After that, Sean changed and did not go to the discussion. Everybody thought that you would come to the discussion. No shock again. Same Sean. Sabha was postponed. This again caused infidelity. As morning mornings began ... Anna DMK MPs protested against the formation of the TRS on the topic of reservation ... The House was adjourned only for 30 seconds. Same Seen appeared again at 12 o'clock. The TRS and Anna DMK MPs again protested whether or not the House had begun. 

The MPs did not listen repeatedly to the speaker to cooperate with the House. TRS MPs were directly shouting to the speaker. In the midst of this confusion, the speaker has read the notice of disbelief. Wanted to cooperate to discuss. However, there was no change in the situation. Mahajan, who would not be debated without the order of the House, soon after the House was adjourned for the day. However, TDP and VCP are not back down. On Tuesday, again, the notice will be given to the no-confidence motion. Home Minister Raj Nath Singh said that they are ready to discuss the no-confidence motion. However, the TRS and some other parties have not resigned. The meeting has been postponed. Whether the notices will come to a discussion or see the stops continue.

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