Adilabad,March 20,(
The 'two-wheeler ambulance' government has come to the district to go to rural villages and provide first aid to the victims.Hundreds of habitats in the joint district do not have proper road facilities today. 102 and 108 ambulances are available, but there is no need to go there. In the absence of destitution, the villagers are approaching health and bringing them to life. The first phase of the Adilabad district, which has no proper road connectivity, has been distributed among the two bicycle ambulances. More on the second installment. This is the path to Serradasnagar in the Naradigonda mandalam. It is difficult to find 108 vehicles during the emergency. Two-wheeler ambulance is suitable for traveling on this route. The villagers with thirty families will benefit from the vehicle. First aid can save lives. Many of these villages will benefit people from vehicles. The district has hundreds of non-minimum landless villages, gourds and hordes. In tribal areas, the number of such habitats is very high. 

In Joint District, medical services are provided by 104, 108 and 102 vehicles. Many rural people have been killed when their services are not available for proper passengers or vehicles. Suddenly pregnant, pregnant women have to take the victims up to a kilometer up to bed or on a bed, In such cases, the villagers have to resort to sophistry. In this order, there is a place where there is a healing incident. The Tamil Nadu-based two-wheeler ambulance has benefited the lives of such areas and ensured that 716 villages in the district would be difficult to provide medical services, the district health ministry said. To provide medical services, they have to go only on foot. Some of the above villages go to the hardest of the autos ... there are things that can not even go. These villages are of great benefit to two-wheeler ambulances. Currently, three bicycles have been supplied to the gas. Officers sent proposals to the state level for another eight vehicles. These are coming soon. The two bicycles were allocated to Namur, Gadiguda and Udunur areas. According to the proposals, another eight will be allocated to villages that do not lead. The interview was conducted by the Lifemaker-MRI on Fridays to replace these technicians with the technicians to provide basic treatment. These services will be available in next month.

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