Srikakulam,April 17,(
On side, elections are coming.On the other hand There are differences between the two parties are fighting.The cadre in the district the courageous leaders are lacking.The dominance of ministers Activists are crumbling.The party leadership can not take any decision.What is that district today? Who are those ministers?


The name given to Sikhs by political consciousness! After the formation of the Baptist, those tribes were highly appreciated by the party. At the time of Chandrababu district, Sikkol is said to be an unfriendly affection. The party covers the cadre of the party leaders in the long-standing relationship with TDP. Every thing is going to get to the street .. The problem is that the Sharah has been struggling to make any decision in the party. Gouthu is acting as chairperson of Srikakulam district TDP. She is the daughter of Shiva, the palace MLA. Co-ordinator of two ministers in the district has now become a headache! From the Kinnadi Kudi factions between the beginning of the race is not running. In addition to this, Kinni Kala Venkatravu is the ministers of the Kinnirappa Akkanudeu from the district. The tension, which says that any category will have to be angered by any decision on this background is haunting the leadership of the district.

The latest district party coordination committee meeting was held in Vijayawada. The meeting was organized by District Incharge Minister Pithani Satyanarayana during the Assembly meetings. The battle between the genuine Venkatravu factions has further increased the rally in the district party. On the occasion of the party's day of formation, the district headquarters in the district center, the district headquarters formed a large number of flexibiles. Some argue that the Felicity is not a suitable location for the state party president's genius Venkatrao. The art department has raised this issue at the Vijayawada meeting. In the presence of the in-charge minister's father, some of the leaders of the district are standing firm in the head of the district chair. This is why the metamata has grown between the two sides! Prior to the ministers, the leaders shouted that the heat had increased in the meeting.

There is not a native office in Srikakulam district. The district headquarters of the green signal from the headquarters are building a spacious office at 80 feet road in the district center. The tasks are going on fast. The idea of ​​district leaders is to organize party activities in their own office by the next election! So far, the new party office opening ceremony has now led to a new spell between the two sides. The Coordination Committee meeting decided to open the first floor of the office on 29th of this month by Minister Lokesh. The minister said this is okay. But the artists' leaders do not know! The workshop insisted that the office work should be done after the completion of a single floor as a hawala. The district leaders are the ones who have left the party to the decision not knowing what to do This panchayat minister went to Lokesh! But there is a logic to start before the full work is done! Current District President Shirisha is in a strong position to begin the office of the party at its own time. It takes at least another six months to complete the full work. There is a big bang in the movie. But it is difficult to tell the day before the party office will begin in the battle between the two parties. The rhetoric of the ruthlessness of every little thing has been disturbing the party cadre. At the crucial times, the party does not turn to the party with the main leaders.

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