Nellore,April 24,(
AP municipal minister Narayana tensioned up to one year?In which case did he surprise Chief Minister Chandrababu?YCP leaders do not  put allegations made against Narayana? On the way of the YCP leaders some people are angry on YCP leaders.


Dr. P Narayana he belongs to Thotapalli gudur in Nellore district.Educational Institutions across the country .. Disciplines in nationwide countries .. what are the parts of the world to go to .. This is his range!In fact, Narayana was born into a poor family .In the light of kerosene lamp  he completed his education...His father was a bus conductor.Narayana was educated in government institutions since childhood.He realized that something is possible with reading.University first rank in the degree.Gold Medal received.PG at the Tirupati SV University.Now also the first rank! Another gold medal was achieved. V.R. Student in Nellore Joined as guest lecturer in college. At that time four rupees a day. Tuitions started at home. Narayana had a look at the talent and aided post. After that it became permanent. One side tuitions continued to rise and continue. Private junior colleges have been set up. Thus the rate of success has increased to higher levels. Undone bankrupt. This is not what someone says. Narayana is what occasionally meant for poor and middle class students!

Narayana has been a fan of the Telugu Desam Party since the beginning. Worked behind the party for twenty years. Recognizing his services, Chandrababu called him and made him a minister. This is the original story behind Narayana's minister! Last year, Narayana conducted an experiment. He had the idea of ​​doing anything for the progress of the poor and middle class students. For this purpose, there is a need to shift the government's education system somewhere.In this backdrop he is the Nellore VR. The municipal residency college was opened in the college premises. 49 poor students were allowed to study there. He also designed a special course with the IIT-Nit Foundation himself. Minister Narayana visited this college once a week. Speaking to children. They gave advice and instructions. Narayana spoke with educated faculty working in educational institutions. District collector Muthalala Raju, officials and mayor Abdul Aziz frequently come here to take a look at the facilities and teaching.

Recent Inter results in the first year. The students here are amazing. Hundreds have passed. In addition, 32 people scored 10 points. 12 out of 9.8 points, and five more than 9 points. Not only in the state but also by any corporate college in the country has been a great success. After seeing this result, all of them, including Narayana, were breathless. Chief Minister Chandrababu is surprised to know this. Soon the municipal resident college students were called to her. Congratulated all. Similarly, the Government has started to work to improve all government institutions. There are talks in government elders who have to go to private educational institutions and study days to get seats in government institutions.The municipal residency college students are interested in the examination of the results of the examinations. After seeing the results, they were also astonished. In this situation, the Minister has raised the pressure on the minister to give their children a seat. Some are making recommendations through ministers and MLAs. This year, other government colleges in the city have started the same kind of education and good results to achieve the objective of Narayana!In fact, the YCP leaders and the representatives of the public representatives, who were making serious allegations against the college, were closed after the test papers. People are frustrated by the YCP leaders who are criticizing the government for what they are. Advantages and advice on the benefits to the people are given at least respect. Let's see .. before any change in their attitude before!

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