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In the last three years in the state Agriculture,Agriculture Minister Somireddy Chandramohana Reddy said that products in its subsidiaries have increased in large numbers.On Tuesday afternoon, he spoke to the media in the Secretariat 4th Block Publicity Cell.62 percent of the population That means nearly three crore people are farming.It is based on its subsidiaries.Hence the Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu said that the agriculture and farmers' issues are give high priority.The government is also in favor of farmers in all cases and landscapes.To reduce the use of chemical fertilizers, insecticides in agriculture, to encourage natural agriculture,The government has taken several steps to provide good prices for farmers.Chemical fertilizers and pesticide use have been reduced and the productivity and production of agricultural and horticultural crops have increased.Lentils, mint and pulses are well grown and good for yields. Silk production also increased.


Acqua cultivation has grown 34.84 percent. An amount of Rs 13,846 crore in agriculture sector has been increased to Rs 19,070 crore and another Rs 500 crore for marketing. Agriculture and its allied sectors have achieved a growth rate of 17.76 per cent in 2017-18. The national growth rate is only 3 per cent. The aim of the project is to encourage nature farming and reach a target of 5 lakh acres by 2020-21. Bindu Tumir Cultivation, Soil Health Cards, E-Crops, the AP in front of the country explained. The second is in the sericulture. In this sector, 35,069 farmers were given Rs 1,000 per month. Rs 1100 crore was spent on the bamboo tumors. Prem Gee, Gates Foundation, said that companies are coming forward and cooperating. He said Rs.2,378 crore has been spent to provide better prices for farmers. Each farmer has been given 20 kg of quintals per quintal to Rs 200 each for sorghum maize crops. Nearly 25,000 acres have been damaged and the farmers are ready to pay compensation. In order to increase the storage facilities for storage of agricultural crops, it has been decided that the construction of 4 lakh metric tonnes capacity will be built at a cost of Rs.220 crores. A corporation has also been set up for this. He said free electricity was provided to the nurseries. Electricity charges for aqua culture sector have been reduced from Rs 6 to Rs.3.60. Chilli farmers have been protected from falling off the road. The farmers in Telangana, Maharashtra, have recollected the matter. We are spending Rs 450 crore for agriculture in the agriculture sector and the micro irrigation budget has increased to Rs 1170 crore. He said that our state, which is languishing in trouble with all the positive states in the country in agriculture, will compete. Every Monday, Chief Minister of India said that priority is given to agriculture in video conservation. On the day of the complaint he attended five districts and said farmers' problems were solved. The Guntur Mirchy farmers complained that he had been receiving complaints. In 2014-15, chemical fertilizers used 36 lakh metric tons and the measures taken by the government showed that 287 million metric tonnes in 2017-18 have been reduced from 2131 metric tons to 998 metric tons. With immediate relief, he said that the immediate solution would be to the pests. Minister Sumi Reddy said farm workers are also working well.

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