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'Bruce Lee', "Entavadugani "Arun Vijay played the Villain in the films and won the Telugu audience.He is the son of senior actors Vijay Kumar-Manjula.Arun Vijay is currently acting as a villain in Prabhas' movie 'Saaho'and'Kutram 23' he is the heroine in the recent Tamil movie.Prasad Dharmreddy, Randhi Sankara Rao, SuraPati Gandhi and Inderakumar translate into the Telugu version of the film 'Crime 23' on Sri Vijaya Narasimha Films banner.'Vaishali'Arivalagan director of the film Fame.Mahima Nambiar, Abhinaya heroines.Mrs. Arun Prasad Dharmi Reddy The film is full of translation programs Trailer Launch was held on Friday by Prabhas in Hyderabad.


Speaking on this occasion Prabhas said ... "I worked with Arun Vijay Sister Sridevi in ​​my first film 'Ishwar'. Now I play Vijay in Saaho. `Crime 23` movie trailer is very good. Arun Vijay is the hero and we want to make a good name for the producers who translate the film to Telugu. "Hero Arun Vijay said ... "Bruce Lee, who I played as villain, has brought me good name in Telugu. Now I am acting in films like Mani Ratnam Gari Nawab and Prabhas Saha. Recently, I played 'Kuttram 23' in Tamil and there was a big success. 'Crime 23' is being released in Telugu. Medical Crime Thriller is a film. Action, Romance, Family Sentiment, director Arivalagan has done well with all the emotions. The problem faced in every house is shown in our picture. Crime 23 is what it looks like in the movie. I acted as First Time Cop. There is a good message in the film underlying. Prabhas is very happy with the launch of the trailer on his hands.

Producer Inder Kumar said, "This movie has been a big hit in Tamil. There is a belief that we will play in Telugu as well.Another producer Prasad Dharmi Reddy said, "The film is a film based on the real crime scenes in Tamil Nadu. There was a huge collection of critically acclaimed accolades. Each scene is very exciting. Arun Vijay Kapoor has done a tremendous performance. There are commercial hugs that are good for the audience. Definitely a movie audience to watch. Vishal Chandrasekhar Music, Bhaskaran is a highlight of stylish cinematography. Thanks to Arun Vijay for giving us the opportunity to believe in us in Telugu. We are planning to make a surreal movie with them in Telugu. Translation programs have been completed. We are planning to release soon. Prabhas is happy to release the trailer.Director Arivalagan said ... "My second film was released in Telugu after Vaishali. Krriggs has written good reviews in Tamil. Arun Vijay has done extra performance as a cop. Emotional Crime Action Thriller with Mother Sentiment. We are confident that Telugu audiences who appreciate the concept oriented images will enjoy our film. "The film stars Arun Vijay, Mahima Nambiar and Abhinaya pairs in the lead roles, starring actor Vijay Kumar, Arvind Aascash and Vamsi Krishna.

Music for this film: Vishal Chandrashekhar; Cinematography: K. Bhaskaran; Producers: Prasad Dharmi Reddy, Randhi Shankara Rao, Surapati Ganti, Inder Kumar; Directed by: Arivalagan

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