Anakapalli,April 12,(globelmedianews.com):
The political atmosphere prevails in the state With special status movement.Whether or not the elections are now coming...They are making preparations for political leaders.Present  position in situation remember that, For a long time politically empty vacant,Political background,Those looking for a chance to compete are trying to grab the strength of the constituencies.Previous tend to take the former dignity and authority.If one party believes in the last minute, if it shows a decline in the last minute, it will be another five years away from the party, and what party ticket will give you to contest from that party. It is also mentally prepared for the activists and followers to do the same thing earlier. All those who have decided to do this type of politics now receive a new slogan. "The party is anything but the Center is doing it." Paruchuri Bhaskara Rao who came to the fore in this way. He was once close to his minister Bhagha Srinivasa Rao. He has been behind the hour-long political field entry (1999).


Where to win the Ganta...Incharge of the constituency. In Bhimili constituency incharge till date. Being behind the scenes, he said he would not contest politics and would contest the next election. He also announced that he will contest from Anakapalli. He has expressed his willingness to know that he knows all that is in the constituency, knowing everything and being able to succeed. If any party ticket is given ... it is clear that the party will contest in the party and it will be an independent candidate if no one is given. That means ... any center of the party is clear. In the past, all the leaders were going to get a ticket ... they were in the direction of going to any constituency. Now the situation looks different. Pandurthi former MLA Gaddi Babji also shows the same trend. He was elected as MLA from Congress in Paravada constituency in 2004.

Subsequently, he lost from Pendurthi in 2009 with the reorganization of the constituencies. After YS's death, the former Minister of Comuntala Ramakrishna went to the YCP. In 2014 elections, he had contested as a candidate from the Vidhapati seat and lost again. After that, the party came out of the party. Two years ago, he joined the Telugu Desam Party in collaboration with Ayyannapparathu of the district. The constituency MLA Bandaru Sathyanarayana Murthy is opposed to ... If you continue in the same party, you will not be able to compete ... Amok Gaddi Babji is ready to change the party again. A secret meeting with his followers and contesting from the polls in the next election, the party said that it is now unlikely that he should be with him. According to credible information, he will join the YCP.

Another former MLA Kannababuraju is also going on the same track. He was also elected MLA from Elamanchi. He is a key figure in the district politics. The minister moved the wheel in the hustle. Later, after joining the state party, he left the party and joined the TDP. Though not MLAs, it is expected that the MLC will be given the opportunity. But the fruit was not enough. He is looking forward to the possibility of landing all along. The MLA's ticket from the Telugu Desam Party is high in the Elamanni constituency that he has represented. He also found that it was difficult for him to get this opportunity too. The party decided almost to change. Following up with the followers and activists, the matter explained. Party sources said that the party decided to join the party when it came to the pitch in Visakhapatnam district. If the party does not even give a ticket ... he also told the activists that he would be an independent candidate.

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