Vijayawada, April 23, (
Even though the Vice-chairperson Jagan is on a public holiday, he has been working hard on the tickets for the next elections. About 40 to 60 people get tickets in the next election. There are some sitting MLAs in the 60s and most of the party constituents are coordinators. The Prashant Kishore Committee has already submitted three reports. Jagan decided to give tickets to win but not just on the basis of these reports. The Vice-Leaders also point out that they have lost many positions in the constituency, rather than a strong social group in the constituency. 


Particularly in the districts of Kamma and Kaapu, this time it is possible to get seats in some districts. However, peak team surveys who have not been in the past four years have been working for just four months. Even the party's programs had not been properly implemented before. Reports that the leaders had begun to work only after the launch of Jagan's walk was also taken. Jagan believes that if the tickets were paid in the last election, some people did not go into the public and some others did not spend money. Jagan decided to talk to one of the leaders who did not give tickets and tried to sow them. That is why the Jagan does not announce the candidate in any constituency during the padayatra. Jagan has announced candidates for the padayatra only for the fourth and fifth constituencies, and this is the reason for notifying candidates in the remaining constituencies. Senior leaders also point out that the YCP will be a plus if the candidates change. Then what should happen.

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