New Delhi,Hyderabad,April 3,(globelmedianews.com):
Megastar Chiranjeevi's political Journey has fallen on full stop today. Chiranjeevi's tenure as Congress Rajya Sabha member now ends with the announcement of the 'mega' retirement, with the end of April 2. The goal of the service is that it is almost the end of the political dynasty that Megastar Chiranjeevi's political turn to the 'Enthiranajyam' But is he progressive in politics? Or retreat? It is a suspense. 'Maha Maharaj' Konidela Shivasankara Varasa Prasad alias Megastar Chiranjeevi, who has been the Maharaja of the Telugu film industry for more than three decades, has given a political entry through the 'Praja Rajyam' party on August 26, 2008. Chiranjeevi, who came in the name of social justice, has failed miserably to take the party to the people. In 2009, only 18 seats were held.


In August 2011, the 'Praja Rajyam' party was merged into the Congress, not only after the 'Praja Rajyam' party becoming a few or all of the three. Chiranjeevi, who had taken the Rajya Sabha membership, in turn, failed to reach out to the chair hopes to step into Parliament. Following NTR's followers, the Megastar Party had to stand a long distance from the Chief Minister's chair with management and management deficiencies. The last date is that if the Congress passed a Rajya Sabha member on April 3, 2012, he was sworn in as the member of the Rajya Sabha and became the Cabinet Minister of Tourism in the UPA-2 Cabinet. But the Chiranjeevi Political Journey became questionable after the UPA Sarkar Bachkorla was formed by the BJP government in the 2014 elections. How is the status of MPs? Until the end of the term, he worked his own work but could not show his mark in the Congress. With the split effect of the Congress in the AP, the Congress has been battered by the effort of retaining the party and not being in direct politics. Megastar is a member of the Rajya Sabha as his term expires on April 2, when the issue of a political breakthrough for the Megastar political jurisdiction began. On the one hand, his younger brother Jana's chief Power Star Pawan Kalyan has made his own party and is seeking special status. The Left parties are preparing for the upcoming elections. But there are no situations where the younger brother goes to the party. The debate seems to be that the negative winds are coming from Pawan Kalyan. If Megastar Gear is going to change the Congress party to power in AP, the election time has come, now the new Congress party will be brought to power and it will be greedy. Because on the one hand, Jagan, on the other hand, started the election campaign from Chandrababu padayatra. If the megastar starts to come to an end, the outcome becomes another popular one. Tollywood industry has more than three decades of megastar Chiranjeevi to become a political star. Chiranjeevi's goodbye has been telling him in public life for ten years that he is a bit disappointing to mega fans who want to see him in the chair. There is a propaganda that Chiranjeevi's politics are good for the Congress because it is no future for the Congress party in Andhra Pradesh. In the 2014 elections, the Congress has not won a single seat in AP. At least the deposits are not eligible for candidates who are contesting as party candidates. The party has suffered a bitter experience in the by-elections of Nandyal. However, the views of the Chiranjeevi politics, which are considered to be more difficult, if these conditions persist. Besides, the focus of the Focus is entirely focused on movies as there is no way to pick up the Megastar's political turn. Chiranjeevi, who started the second innings blockbuster hit with 'khaidi', is now going to the audience with 'Sye Raa'. Ram Charan Tej is producing this movie with a huge budget. Megastar is in Megaplan to tell Stamina the world once again with this movie which is directed by Surender Reddy. Will all the best say to Sye Raa' ex-MP?

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