April 26,(
KCR has succeeded in bringing a long Telangana movement to the coast.In addition to achieving a separate state in 2014, TRS has been brought to power with a shit.The first Chief Minister of the new Telangana state has taken over as the Chief Minister.National and internationally appreciated by implementing various development and welfare schemes in the country.For a qualitative change in national politics, the BJP-Congress parties are stepping up to form the People's Front at the national level as an alternative.For a qualitative change in national politics, the BJP-Congress parties are stepping up to form the People's Front at the national level as an alternative.It's running history. Both of these are the trace of TRS flow. Telangana ideologue Acharya kotthapalli Jayasankar initiated the initiative of the party to take the reins of the party. This is nine years late.


Now the political and jurisdiction that the TRS is enjoying is visible to all. During the 17-year-old rule of the party that had been abused in 2001, there was not even four years of jubilation. Is it possible for anybody to run the party, to keep the movement alive, and to pay the debt to the target? His financial resources are limited by the establishment of the KCR TRS party with the ambition of Telangana state. In those days, the convoy is outside the target of Rs 1 lakh. To deal with the history of the Telangana movement, the Telangana movement is again to compete with another movement. Many movements in the world may have mobilized people. Each movement may have given each democratic character and perspective on the world. But in the non-violent struggles around the world, the Telangana practice movement is at the very top. The struggles in the Telangana soil were inspired by global liberation struggles. The movements in Telangana have paved the way for many movements in the country. Earth-fighting, liberation struggles have caused land reforms in the country. The stretch of movement on the floor taught new lessons to history. 

Sixty-year-old one-year-old Kalyan was joined by KCR in his fourteen years of struggle for 'water .. funding .. appointment'. The movement was successful with the political movement and eventually succeeded with the creation of a separate state of origin. What is the role of the Sabbanda Varnas movement? KCR is credited with taking all of them forward. The movement continued as the movement continued throughout the TRS. The Telangana people have pursued a political process to win the wishes of the people. Telangana people won. The martyrs of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the ambition of the people's ambitions, the people who rushed to the ambition of the movement, the TRS and the TRS, led the movement, and the fastidation of his fast turned to the history of Telangana. The TRS has been a strong political tool to push the movement into a political process and pressure the center. Telangana's ultimate commitment to the political process in the Gandhian way has turned millions of people into linguistic and generic KCR. On December 23, 2009, the UPA government came in second announcement of Telangana society. The state has gone forward for the achievement of the state. KCR has initiated and contacted leaders of all parties. On December 24, 2009, all parties held a conference in Kalinga Bhavan. All the parties and public committees have come to this convention and decided to unite for the Telangana state practice. The Telangana Joint Action Committee (TEJAC) was formed in this historic setting. By the time the JAC formed, legislators from all parties resigned. The first TI program of the JAC was taken by the legislators relay. The initiative programs have lasted almost a month since 16 January 2010. The continuation of this was in all zilla centers across Telangana and in the towns of relay initiatives. People from each village were able to take part in caste-wise and successful initiatives. In the innovative forms of Telangana, the agitation process continued. The rumors, sessions, seminars and performances that surrounded the strike were widely decided to move the people. The first program that took place in that order was the fun. When police looted and the tear gas was blowing up, the people who were shaken with a stroke of humor rushed into the show with disciplinary action. After seeing a huge show at the maritime ceremony, the idea of ​​Telangana is getting in the sense that it is inevitable. The central government also held an all-party meeting in December 2012. The Home Minister made the announcement that it will resolve the issue of Telangana within a month. Jayasekara Samarakshi was held in Hyderabad on the date of announcement. The Center declared unanimous decision to intensify the protest actions in the Samaraksha as the announcement would take time to come. Subsequently, Sadakbund, Sansad Yatra and Chalo Assembly programs were held to increase pressure on the government. Finally, on July 30, 2013, the Congress Working Committee approached the UPA Committee and took a decision in favor of Telangana. The Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) emerged after the Telangana identity. Strong movements led by the party became the only target of the Telangana state for the TRS party and has been able to influence the political process. Creation of TRS also has another benefit. The existing masses were able to suppress the existing rulers of the Naxalites.

Made to stop working. But the same strategy of TRS, which is taking Telangana through the election, has not been able to implement. If TRS has a strong foundation with the widespread concerns of the masses, the TRS has been able to organize movement programs for some time to go back to Telangana, to gather public organizations and work. In 2004, the Telangana slogan became the election agenda. In the 2004 elections, Telugu politics was defeated and Telangana wrestling struggles won. After 2009, this situation helped make the decision in favor of Telangana. Even though the Telangana slogan is strongly politicized, the UPA government has not made a final decision. That is why KCR was forced to resign from the post of Union Minister to come to the field of movement. He resigned from his post and made the by-election to the people more moving. March 10, 2011. The success of the Million March achieved anxiety and hope for Telangana. KCR established faith in Telangana society. It's a heartbreaking memorable memento .. Telangana movement with 'million march' The tankbund was cracked by the Telangana people who fled the Padmavu with the threat of restrictions. How many arrests have been made? No matter how hard the arrangements are made, the police have not even been audiences for the 'million march'. This is a battle that has lasted for 42 days. The history of the Telangana movement has been recorded by the crowns. This supremacist struggle led by the job, teachers and workers was one and the same. On September 13, 2011, the All-India strike was launched in Telangana. People stumbled on the spot where the imprisonment was broken. Five lakh employees were also sacrificing the Dussehra festival without sacrificing their salaries. The killing of KCR on the 27th of November, 2009 was a forgettable event in his political career. At that moment, he slammed the Telangana society with the slogan of "Telangana Kesar Kesar Kudhudo". "But the Jaitra Yatra or the Sivayatra." This slogan of KCR before his initiative also hit the hearts of the people. After the Seemandhra hindu blocked the Seemandhra, the slogan of the movement "will not be done and will come to the scene." The slogan was shocked. KCR announced on February 29, 2009 that he would be fasting in Siddipeta. Students of Osmania University formed the united Telangana students on November 16 to support the Telangana state instruments movement and solidarity with KCR. This effect has led to united operational setup in Kakatiya, Palamur, Satavahana and Mahatma Gandhi Universities. On 29 November, Telangana was rushed to KCR to arrest the government. Even then he continued in the hospital. KCR's support is supported by all sections of the people. Ten days after November 10, 2009 from December 29 to December 9, KCR has moved to Telangana society. At the same time, Srikanthachari suicide is the whole burden of Telangana. KCR eriksha is a side and the people supporting it as a people's movement. The center has moved away. Telangana with the sacrifices of the sacrifices made the announcement of Telangana on December 9, 2009 with the Center.

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