Bhadradri,Kottha gudam, May 3, (
Chief Minister KCR said that corruption and corruption in government and power machinery did not help. In many cases he said this word. The public should have worked as a supervisor, and the work of the leaders and government offices to stay away from corruption. However, there is no change in some way. In some government offices, the downturn is going on. This is in the ITDA division of Bhadrachalam. Information on how many people are bribed by the supervision of superiors. Recently, the ACB has been shocked by this type of collecting giants. Snowing. The other Akkamars are also kidding. But it's a tough task that somebody else's coin is doing. However, locals claim that corruption in the ITDA in Bhadrachalam has been expanded. The ACB officer, who is the district head of the Department for Tribal Welfare, has been taken to the ACB officers for taking any bribe of Rs. 50,000 along with Satyanarayana. This has led to the creation of locally.


There are 7,095 two-bedroom house constructions under the joint ITDA. They are also preparing additional facilities. A total of Rs 388.89 crore is spent for these works. However, only 1,558 structures have been completed so far. 3,107 jobs are under construction. There are 2,430 jobs to be started yet. Funds for Anganwadi, Sub-Centers and Schools are also available. The locals say that there is a need for appointing a conscientious officer on corruption and development in high positions in these situations. Some commented that all the above mentioned works are not allotted to one department. It is said that some of the works were opened to the same department by some corrupt officials. So far the relevant superpower responded to the demolition of the corrupt pest in ITDA.

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