Amravati,May 17,(
Deputy Chief Minister K. Krishnamurthy has made it clear that the TATA action will be taken on the Ramanadekshithulu, who negatively respond to the status quo of his religious status. On Thursday he spoke to the media. Thirumala is the most sacred pilgrimage in the world and millions of devotees come to visit Swamiji from abroad. The government will not ignore the efforts of the devotees to disturb the spirituality of Thirumala and to destroy the sentiments of the devotees. 


The chief priests of the Tirumala temple seem to have taken up a political career by forgetting his traditional priestly career. The chief priests of the Tirumala temple Ramanadikas reveal a quotation to protect the Srivari temple from politics. The principal priest of the temple has been the model for other priests, and he continues to behave like his status. The press conference in the state of the state and the ruralists spoke to the holy field. The government is seriously considering this. There is no need to hold press conferences to the chief priest and talk to politics. It is to violate his status and rules. How to behave in the way to the state of the work and to discredit the temple's reputation. The Prime Minister said it was a surprise to the Prime Minister to forget about his major responsibility and be politically opposed to politics and corruption. Officials are examining every year.

Justice Jagannadharavu Committee and Justice Wadhwa Committee have done well and reminded us of the satisfaction of the use of jewelry in the temple of Sriwari and their respective owners. Every devotee of Swami is trying to save the image of Tirumala. It is not a traditional violation of Vip's hospitality, but if he is gone, he has criticized him for the privilege of the rich. The Territory governing body is based on constitution and laws. It conducts programs in accordance with ancient Hindu traditions in accordance with the moods of devotees. If anyone is respecting the Rama Goddesses, it is because Swamiji is at work! Forgetting it, the fall of the Swayamvari comes with the desire to come up with his wish that he is so popular. The government said that every action would be taken to make the image of the Tirumala Temple in the form of impetus and to promote the image. Whoever attempts to do so, we will promote the grace of Swamimalai with the blessings of Swami malai. The Kuhna devotees will come to know the truth. I think the mutual disputes in Archangel are exposed. Every year a strong audit takes place in the TATA. TTD deals with the financial advisor and three IAS officers. The devas and shrines about the Thirumala temple are intense actions. It is very beneficial if any duties are set up to perform the tasks. If you go over it, no matter how big it is. No one should encourage such actions, he said that people should be abused by such actions.

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