Bangalore,May 11,(
The Karnataka Assembly election campaign has been closed. The poll will be held Saturday. Karnataka politics have become more and more enjoyable. How is it that the situation is unlikely to happen? Who is the most interesting factor in who will join hands with whom? Various campaigns are taking place in this background. The important thing is that the BJP and JDS have come together to form a government in Karnataka. Until then, both parties formed the government. But then JDS leader Kumaraswamy gave JDS to the BJP. The parties are sharing the seat for 20-20 months. 


Kumaraswamy handed over the BJP to the BJP. Despite that bitter experience, it says that once again the BJP is going to join hands with the JDS. Kamalnathas think that there is no way beyond now. The BJP is in the hands of the BJP to join hands with the JDS for the BJP's position in the Karnataka CM. JDS leader Kumaraswamy will also be given a ministerial post at the Center. The BJP has suggested that he will be appointed Union Minister of State for Kumaraswamy, who is the Deputy Chief Minister of Ravana, one of the sons of Deve Gowda. It is informed that Kamal Nath is the proposal to leave the seat to the BJP. The JDS has also agreed to it. But this is only a campaign. The BJP and JDS leaders are not responding to this campaign. Leaders of those parties are expressing their confidence that the government will be set up on its own.

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