Narasapuram, May 12,(
There may be internal differences in political parties. But they need to be limited. It is hard for a leader, not a party. This is what is happening in NARSAPUR TDP in West Godavari district. The conflicts between MLA and municipal chairpersons have reached Tararadhai. An officer's transition process has become more and more challenging. Sixteen councilors resigned from their posts, along with the chairperson of the MLA. This controversy was temporarily suspended after the interrogation interrupted. Still, fire stains on the inside. In the municipality of Narasapur, the MLA Bandaru Madhavan Naidu and the municipal chairperson, Madhavan Naidu's MLA in municipal affairs The MLA argues that he is dealing with his own scope! In addition, the municipalities have also expressed concern over various contracts. The affair became left-to-left. Protocol disputes have fueled this. As a result, the conflicts between the MLA and the Chairperson was increased. This situation has continued for almost three years. The authority has intervened twice to intervene. However, differences remain inherent.


when the kottha Palli YCP Subbaraidu from the joined into the Telugu Desam Party, the politics of Narasapuram has changed since then. There were only mental problems between the MLA and the Chairperson before that they reached the level of extortion. Newly formed MLA Group, chairperson group has been created in the form of veterans.

In the Narasapur municipality, 31 wards won the TDP and YSR Congress Party in 14 seats. Three other wards won independents. With the support of independent councilors including TDP MLA and MPs, the flag flown in the municipality of TDP. Likewise began with the leaders of the ruling party. At this time the new Palli Subbaraidu entered the TDP. The nine councilors of the VCP also joined TDP. Chairperson was supported by Chairperson Rathnamma. This led to a stronger formation for her. In all things, the pieces moved for the upper hand. Internal differences in the municipality of Narasapuram reached the peak. Nine commissioners have changed in the past three years. Three Deals have been arrested. MLA Madhavanaiah is involved in commissioning and commissioning of the Deis. This is a kind of Hittite gemstone in some kind of pressure. There are various charges against the officials. As a result, the officers who are coming soon go away. With the development of the municipality, the development has been totally affected. The latest transformation of the Deek Srikant transaction will be understood to the level of the local community. D. Srikanth made a resolution under the Ratnama at the Council meeting surrendering to the government alleging that he was not acting properly and was corrupt. However, the government made it clear that Srikanth would be sent to another place during normal transfers, and would continue to remain there. 16 councilors, including municipal chairperson Rathnamma, have resigned from their positions alleging that the MLA Bandaru Madhavan was responsible for the government's response.

It is ironic that most of the councilors who resigned have won from the TCP and then come into TDP! Councilors who won from TDP are nevertheless philosophical. The councilors resigned, including the Chairperson, and the TP's high command was stuck. The task of handling the situation was handed over to the party district president, Garden Seetharamala Lakshmi. She entered the field and discussed with the Chairperson Ratnamala. Resignations were successful in withdrawing. These developments led to an internal discussion in TDP. Some other leaders argue that the party will lose due to differences in the next year's election. The party elders should wait for the solution to the problem of Narasapuram!

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