Hyderabad,May 25,(globelmedianews.com):
KCR is different. Not merely, the mind is also varied. Nobody is okay. We are tired of including the parties, who have created a new idea in the condition of which they are running. Secular, Federal, Third .. Names have been started three months ago to put anyone An alliance with the BJP and the Congress is an alternate. Trying to meet everyone without the small leaders. KCR is very clever. But it is still available. He is not ready to fight directly with the BJP except the BJP and the anti-Congress front. Even though the state is unfair, KCR does not include hands with other states on 15th Finance Commission Act. There is no signal of the BJP-led center. 


In Karnataka, except for the Congress, all the parties that he wanted to get front-line have come. Sitting next to them, they went ahead with the anti-BJP stamp. It makes mental contraction clear. He lost the prospect of becoming a national leader. Senior Chandrababu Naidu took the occasion. In the name of future Non-BJP Alliance, there are political tactics in Andhra Pradesh. The blueprint is being prepared for united platform meetings in Delhi and Calcutta. In fact, KCR is stronger than Chandrababu Naidu in the masses. Chandrababu is coming up with the possibilities and the possibilities are being strengthened by his favor. Since 1996, TDP has touched the tactical line in all the faced elections. Chandrababu pitched in the combination of conditions and clusters together. There is a standpipe in the slopes. Overcoming adverse conditions. Now it looks like the moving climate with the same tactics. Chandra Babu is getting the new front fiction. 

The fifteenth day of the Independence Day, it has been put on a college. There is not much pressure on the BJP. The main rival Congress is the BJP in the state. The party is capable of hijacking Telangana sentiment. The Congress has been compromising in a number of ways and has taken steps to get all of the parties together. There is no small reference here. Regional parties and sub-regional parties are also friendly. The situation in Karnataka has evolved. KCR believes it will affect Telangana. There are indications of the Congress party's ruling against KCR, including small parties. The CPI has openly supported the Congress in the Left. The Telangana People's Democrats are campaigning for direct and indirect support. One of the arguments is that the KCR is avoiding unwillingness to climb on the stage where the Congress party is the main party. Political criticism is evident that the KCR was certainly on the stage where all those who wanted to support him had been really sincere about the Alternative Front. Uniformly started work on the name. It looks like the latest developments. Will any of the new strategies start with KCR that describe itself as a gripping giant? It is interesting to see how his tactics are going to be. The regional parties believe that the non-Congress, non-BJP front is a form of magic. The Mamata concluded that it was not easy for him to meet Mohammad when he met KCR. In fact, the Left parties have worked very hard on this. The Left parties have made various experiments to shape regional parties as a means of preventing the BJP and the Congress. Failed. 

The UPA initially supported the Congress. They have decided to look for things that are not all but new. There are serious differences in the CPI (M) on the Congress and non-Congress issues. It is now clear that the Left parties will follow a revival with the other regional parties in Karnataka, including the Congress. The ideologically the BJP is the enemy of the Left. Congress political opponents as politically as Kerala. The main objective is to stop the BJP. This is again the political field for magic.

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