Bangalore,May 21,(globelmedianews.com):
All of the climax of the climax in the Carnatic politics of the unpredictable turns. Yeddyurappa's seat in the distinction could not be retained .. Just got passes, Kumaraswamy is going to be sworn in as Chief Minister. Yeddyurappa is the most important decision in all the consequences of taking the oath of office since the outcome of the results. After the results came to know that they had no clear majority, JDS was supportive and Kumaraswamy announced that he was their CM candidate and put it all in good shape and hit the BJP. 


The successive defeats from the 2014 election have been wrecking the Congress party. The efforts of the young man Rahul led by the Prime Minister, Modi, and BJP leader Amit Shah, continue to try again to fill the jackets. How much good luck did not come together. Congress decisions have been made from the Assembly elections in Gujarat's own state of Gujarat. Congress has worked to defeat Modi in the elections. But Congress has done a moral victory but the Congress has implemented such a strategy in political developments in Karnataka. With 104 seats, the BJP has succeeded in securing power. The decision taken by the Congress is the first step towards the party's pre-eminence. In the state of Karnataka, the JDS MLAs are offered by the BJP ministerial positions, except that the status of the Chief Minister does not have to offer. That's why the CM also comes with their support in advance .. Kumaraswamy is definitely going to be with Congress.

 This is the most crucial decision. The Congress did not come to power in the same state where Rahul Gandhi was campaigning. On the one hand, Modi's image is down. Rahul's image is deteriorating. Karnataka is the only large state remaining in the Congress. If Rahul's magic does not work there will be more insulting milk. So, the second option is selected when the CE Seeta - Rahul Paruva. In Manipur, Goa, and Meghalaya, it is possible to respond to such a fast-paced clue that the ruling classes have been chasing Congress. That's why Karnataka has taken the right decision at the right time. The big state in Karnataka is the largest state in Karnataka. 

In the situation where the BJP jiayatra is continuing, the four southern states are bordering Karnataka, the money management in other southern states will be burdened to the party. One of the top 4 cities in the country is the loss of Bangalore. That is why the CM Kumarasamy is valid for Congress. It is therefore crucial that the Congress has its impact on the Lok Sabha polls in the coming Lok Sabha elections. The Congress has to adhere to this decision for a million dollars question. Because it is hard to realize when there is no frustration in the party, which is the karaf address for dissatisfaction politics! Until the next Lok Sabha elections, Kumaraswamy had nothing to do with the Congress party, analysts said. If the dissatisfaction of the people on Modi is defeated in the next election, the Congress comes to power with the alliance. If that happens then the Kumaraswamy seat in Karnataka will be under water. There is no doubt that the JDS and the BJP MLAs are trying to turn themselves towards it. Or attempting to re-election the government. If Congress does not come to power at the center, there is no possibility of supporting five years.

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