May 9,(
Actors: Keerthi Suresh .. Dulkar Salman .. Samantha .. Vijay Devarakonda .. Rajendra Prasad .. Tanikella Bharani .. Bhanupriya .. Malavika Nair .. Kajal Aggarwal .. Shalini Pandey .. Tulsi .. Divyavani and others
Guest roles: Mohan Babu .. Nagachaitanya .. Prakashraj .. Brahmanandam .. Naresh .. Krish .. Srinivas Needala .. Sandeep Vanga .. Tarun Bhaskar and others
Music: Mickey J. Mayor
Screenplay: Siddharth Sivaswamy
Producer: Swapnath .. Priyanka Dutt
Direction: Nag Ashwin
Every heroine wants to play the role of Savitri at least once in the career. Her generations have changed, she is unstoppable, unforgettable, unforgettable acting. Savitri is the first of the few actresses who can make gestures with eyes. After Savitri, most of the actresses came to know that she was only the great man. The film is based on the great actress's career. From the selection of actors to the trailer, everything went well with the movie. The Mahatani got a huge hype. How is this movie coming with huge expectations? In what extent did Suresh get a glimpse of Savitri Role?


Story: Savitri (Kirti Suresh) who is in a coma in Chalukya hotel in Bangalore is admitted to hospital. She looks like a normal woman and looks like all the pensioners. However, it is revealed later that she is the 'Mahatani' Savitri. Hence the hospital fans are bored. She will be in coma for the next year. At that time the publicity reaches a reporter in Daily Vaan (Samantha). She is entrusted with Savitri Story. She will begin a joint venture with photojournalist Vijay Antony (Vijay Devarakonda). What are the events of Savitri's life before going into a coma? What happened to Savitri who went to meet Sankarayya in Bangalore? Who is the original Shankariah? 'Mahanati' is the story of how Madhuravani is the subject of the story.How is it: Savithri is a reminder that the generations change forever. At that level the Mahanatini was screened. The new generation also knows about her life, and they know that they are once again beautifully reminiscent of the great memories of her memories. To get the biopic requires a lot of research on their real life. Drama should be cultivated while being realistic. Director Nag Ashwin became 100 percent success in that regard. In addition to Savitri Personal Life, she has also done very well with her film career. The career of decades .. 300 film career sarvitri To make her life in the same story should be a lot of adventure but .. Nag Ashwin very cleverly.

In the first half Savitri showed childhood, stage life, cinematic trials, a grown-up actress, love and marriage. Many scenes are fun. Savitri was shown to be a good man as long as he was able to achieve what he wanted.In the second half, Jimini Ganesan started living with her, and after her marriage as well as actress, she has shown a lot of strikes, financial difficulties and slavery in Samsara. In the middle of the film, the actress has seen her acting in 'Mayabazar', 'Missmama' and 'Dumb Manasalu'. Vijay Antony is the evidence of talent in the direction of the director who led Savitri in the role of Vani. In the Climax scenes, Samantha has provoked her dialogues.How did it: Savitri Fame Suresh is well set. It lives more than acting in the Mahanat Role. Savitri has come up with black and white shades in terms of look. Savitri's acting process made her attempt to show her gossip. Dulkar Salman has done very well as Gemini Ganesan. Dulkar Salman, who has gained his gossip at the Gemini Ganesh Mark in the title of Kadal Mannan. The Gemini Counting Roll seems somewhat negative ... the director showed him as negative in the situation.

 Rajendra Prasad plays the role of Savitri in the role of mother in the role of mother. Samantha as journalist Madhura voices, Clijes for Vijay Devarakonda's performance as photojournalist Vijay Antony who loves her. Mohan Babu shakes the screen as SV Ranga Rao. Nayanachaitanya shine like ayanar. NTR's role is also a glimpse of the scenes and a lot of fans. Kevin Reddy, Elvi Prasad, Chakravarti, Krish, Needala Srinivas and Prakashraj are among the actors who have influenced Savitri's life. Bhanupriya, Naresh, Tanikella Bharani, Shalini Pandey, Malavika Nayar, Thulasi etc are well adapted to the extent of the characters.Technically: Technically, the Mahatani has a hundred plus one hundred. Sivan Rao, Avinash's set of stones under the direction of the garden tarini will be reminiscent of the days. The songs provided by Mickey J. Mayer are big asset for the back ground score sema. Danny's life with his camera. The process of removing some scenes with the reel camera to remind you of the season has brought a natural look to the film. Director Nag Ashwin's story is shown in the movie ..

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