Eluru,May 28,(
The government is spending Rs.1 crore every year to provide better education for the students. Free textbooks in public schools run mid-day meals and uniform schemes. This year, the authorities have been neglected to provide the poor students with the release of funds. This is evidence that two pairs of uniform costumes and text books are not distributed by the resume of schools every year.


In the present academic year, students are not in a similar fashion at the same time. The students will have to attend school to wear old clothes. The current (2018-19) academic year will start on June 12. Collector Bhaskar has ordered the SSA officers to distribute uniform dress to the students after the summer vacation. Every Thursday, a review meeting has been asked about the steps taken by the dress distribution. The SSA officials have been offering 62 per cent of the cloth only in the last four months. In a recent review with the academic chiefs, the collector commented that if the uniform was not distributed to the students by the rest of the school, the shirt would be shattered. SSA officials were involved in accelerating dress distribution.So far only 12 units of the district have been supplied with cloth. Half of the 30 zones were supplied. Another six zones were not yet supplied. The uniform has to be distributed to two pairs of pairs of 2,16,450 boys who study in government schools in the district. Rs. 400 is paid by the government. The government is giving Rs. 40 per pair for each other. The decision will come into effect from the next academic year even though the council has decided to give Rs. 600 per pair. The government has handed over the "Opco" company to the supply of uniform garments to all the districts in the state. Oppos is unable to supply cloth to 13 districts simultaneously. So far, the SSA officials say 62 per cent of the garment has been brought to the district. SSA District Project Sector Officials have requested that the rest of the garment be distributed promptly. According to SPA Project Officer V.Brahmananda Reddy, the Opposition officials say that 100 per cent of the cloth is supplied. Some of the dresses that are distributed to the students do not fit into some of them. The government, which observed this situation, is supplying an additional garment of 10 cm per student each year. While students were supposed to distribute chunks along with clothes, they were not fully distributed to the district. At present, the cloth to the district is handed over to the principals of respective schools by the respective district education departments. With the approval of the school management committees, the garment is given to local tailors. SSA officials say 25 percent of the dressing work has been completed so far.

Students who study in aided schools in the district are ready for a single dress. Approximately 16,450 boys who study in aided schools across the district have been apportioned to the district for two years. After the summer vacation, aided schools will be distributed to the aided schools.

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