Tirupati,May 17,(
The chief of the government's determination to become a fire in the Boat incident in the Godavari. Pawan Kalyan, who has called for JSPA activists to take part in the accident, released an open letter on Twitter. In this letter, the heart was shaken when the incident occurred in the river Godavari. There was concern that the tribal people on their way back to other parts of the day needed a water mausoleum. It is understood that at what level the risk of intensity is known as the 60-foot downpour has fallen off. I am deeply sympathetic to the families of the deceased on my behalf and the masses. In this incident, the neglected attitude of the Sarkar branches and employees is clearly visible. If the permits for the accident are not allowed, what's wrong? The unbearable rule of the rulers has been murdered by innocent people. Ruling rulers are going to have to make permanent solutions to problems. Is governance limited to public statements? The tribals are struggling to live in the river, where there is no need for education, medicine, education and any work. Government departments do not care about tribal guides. 


Polavaram expatriates are unfortunate to die in the accident while going around the authorities. The government has the responsibility to provide all the necessary compensation for the affected families. The rulers still open their eyes and create the necessary infrastructure for the tribals and add to the governance of the Gudulla. The government should take appropriate measures to prevent any unauthorized boats from rivers. The boat accident in Krishnanady is a painful incident before the event is unforgettable. Pawan Kalyan has been criticized by the government on Twitter. At the time of the accident, a total of 50 people were in Launch while 16 people swatched to swim. The remaining 34 have been displaced. As soon as the accident information was discovered, officers and aid workers reached the spot and went there. The NDRF and Navy teams have discovered the deckpitam Mandal at the Mantur 60-foot depth. Officials who have found the bodies of the dead are in Launcher are trying to get them out.

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