Bangalore,May 17,(
Union Minister Ananth Kumar said, "We have a majority in the state of Karnataka and we have to prove their strength in the strength of the Assembly. BJP Legislative Party leader BS Yeddyurappa was today sworn in as the 23rd Chief Minister of the state. Speaking to the media, Ananthakumar told the media that the governor's decision was justified and there was no diktat for the creation of the BJP government. If Congress party leaders want to worry about Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and Siddaramaiah should be concerned. The trio also destroyed the Congress party.


Karnataka Chief Minister Yeddyurappa said that he will provide a stable government for five years. He was sworn in as CEO with the blessings of Karnataka people. Congress-JDS said that they had sought to gain power through an alliance. After the election, the Congress and the JDS have been accused of unlawfully action and they have done this with power. Karnataka Chief Minister Yeddyurappa said We are preparing a list of supporting MLAs. Yeddyurappa said there was no doubt that he would prove his strength as soon as possible as an assembly platform. 100 percent of the people's confidence in the trust that I have put on me. Thanks to the 6.5 crore Kannada people. Yeddyurappa retained the promise immediately after the swearing-in as Chief Minister. His first loan was signed on the farmer's loan. The farm loan waiver of Rs 56,000 crore has been signed. In the election campaign, he promises to waive farmers' loan in the state as soon as he is the Chief Minister and the first signing on that file. Prime Minister Modi or Amit Shah was not present at this event. Many Union Ministers JP Nadda, Dharmendra Pradhan, Prakash Javadekar and many BJP leaders attended. Yeddyurappa was sworn in as the Chief Minister. After the strength of the proof, the cabinet berths were finalized and then decided to swear with them. After Yeddyurappa, BJP activists attended the ranks of large ranks and shouted slogans like Modi and Modi.

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