Mysore May 11,(globelmedianews.com):
Chief Minister Siddaramaiah expressed confidence in the results of the Karnataka Assembly polls. We are the rural schemes introduced by the government for the welfare of the people, "he said. The Prime Minister who responded to Modi's words "PPP" means "the people, by the people, for the people," replied in his blog. He spoke in an interview with an English media on the day of election campaign expiration. "I do not have special plans to defeat opponents in elections. The Prime Minister and the Union Minister did not do anything for Modi and Anant Kumar Hegde. Such people are visiting the state. I am more confident than the last election for the outcome of the election. All the promises given were implemented. This is the best we have in this election. This is believed to win more than 120 seats. It is not the Congress party to make the decision to take the decisions as per the context. We never treat like cats on the wall. In this election campaign, BJP has been promoting a lot. But no one has any influence on our votes. The UPA chief was brought in because the BJP feared. Our party does not believe in that. Modi is trying to propagate BJP with the help of Chetti Chetta. Here is the right leader. Not corrupt. Once someone who stamped out corruption cannot return to the minds of the people. Our party is no exception. Yeddyurappa with 23 corruption cases has been questing for the Karnataka CM. 


That's the thing that we're all about. He is also in a state of uncomfortable situation in which he has achieved when Yeddy is the CEO. What is the person who has the Prime Minister leveled to a corrupt? In the case of Modi, I do not understand his personality. What is he talking about? In any case, what kind of topic is being raised without clarity. About half of the funds spent on Dalits and tribals across the country have been spent on Dalits and tribals in Karnataka. Modi is commenting that there is such an opposition to our government's Dalits. Why does he not see the corruption of the BJP and the RSS over Dalits throughout the country? Amidst the comedy of Bhajpa's nationalist Amit Shah as part of the campaign? While campaigning, I was not even planning to talk properly. When it comes to what's that time it's spoken. People do not need any of his words here. I have been somewhat dissatisfied with the development work in Karnataka. Because my goal is to drive the Karnataka into the path of further growth. Surely my dream will be after this election. Speaking with a zealous spirit is a factor that will be accompanied by him. This is the way the opposition chooses to be the prime minister and the opposition will answer in the style of speech whenever it comes to war on the government. In Karnataka, 224 assembly seats will be held on 12th of this month. The campaign expires at 6 o'clock today. The results will be announced on May 15.

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