Kurnool,May 21,(globelmedianews.com):
The Kurnool and Bellary leaders in the Karnataka election were the other one. In the Bellary district, the BJP won the victory of Janardhan Reddy. However, Kulunoor district MLA Gulamuru Jayaram was campaigning against the supporting party candidates. Jayaram's relatives are in the fray for Congress Party. In this context, the sketches made by Jayaram were used to defeat the air Janardhan Reddy candidates. At this time, the polls between the two polled the polls, The fact is that Janardhan Reddy, Grumman Jairam are very close friends. Janardhan Reddy played a key role in the rolling of Aluru Whiskey ticket to Jayaram in the 2014 elections. In the word, Jayaram's political growth is the most important role of Janardhana Reddy. This is the order from MLAGummanu Jayaram's offer to go to TDP. When the subject was found, the wind was entered by Janardhan Reddy. The MLA Jayaram tries to break into the TDP. This is a proof of the political affiliation between them!


Meanwhile, the current Karnataka elections are grazing between Jana Janardhan Reddy and Jayaram. It's a strong reason. The MLA was contesting as Congress candidate from Jayaram's brother Nagendra Bellary Rural. Nagendra won over a thousand votes against Sriramulu's uncle Pukirappa. Murali Krishna, who is the MLA, is contesting as the Congress candidate in the seat of Ciriguppa Assembly. There he lost to the BJP candidate Somalingalinga. However, during the election campaign, the MLA, Jayaram, who was in charge of the Congress, has held a strong campaign against the BJP candidates in Bellary rural and Sirdrappa assembly seats. This led to the BJP's strong support for Janardhana Reddy's MLA Jayaram.

MLA Jairam Dookudu G Janardhan Reddy did not swallow anyway. A fire broke out over Jayaram, setting up a secret meeting with BJP activists in Bellary district. "If Jaya Ram is political, he is campaigning against the candidates who have been promoted to the end," he said, adding that the air was reported in front of his followers, particularly in the Bellary Rural area, where he was unable to sustain the defeat of Janardhana Reddy's uncle Pakirappa in the Bellary Urban. Tilla Surya Prakash Reddy Congress candidate Gilad had been campaigning, but his brother Janardhan Reddy's brother Vello Someshekar Reddy won the idea that nothing was done in the Mark Bilrali.

Some of the latest developments are also hulk. Gummannur Jayaram, the MLA who showed the dice at every step, heard that his brother Nagendra was moving in the direction of the BJP. The consequences that took place in Karnataka are to see how the Janardhana Reddy and MLA Jayaram will influence the friendship.

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