Bhubaneswar, June 27, (globelmedianews.com)
The bride's parents were surprised to hear about the dowry asked by a school teacher during the wedding. The groom, who refused to take a dowry, said that they would give something to 1001 plants. With this rare act, he became popular in the news now. Sarojkanta Biswal (33) of Kendrapara district in Odisha is a teacher in a government school.

 He is a biology teacher who loves nature from childhood. He also opposed the dowry system. That's why he asked 1001 plants instead of dowry. He was very happy with his future wife Rashmi rekha. She is also a government teacher. Bishwal, Rushdie's wedding is usually done without any hugs. Earlier today, the bride's family handed over 1001 fruit plants to Bishwal. He was driving them in a special vehicle 60 km. He moved to his home town and distributed them all in Ur. Bishaw also banned the shooting of the DJ and the patrons in the wedding process, keeping in mind the air pollution and acoustic pollution. Rasheed expressed happiness over the kind of person who is so good as his husband.

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