Tirupati, June 22, (globelmedianews.com)
AP is known as "The sun rise state" ... now really sun rises ..Rayalaseema districts are the venues for thousands of kWh solar power generated from the burning heat of the state. Another four solar parks progressing in Anantapur and Kadapa districts are progressing in various stages of development of solar power generation in the mega-solar park organized by the government and private partnership in Kurnool district. The 5,000 solar parks of these three districts will be available to the 4,000 MW solar power state power grid in the near future ... There are concerns about the growing environmental pollution caused by the water, coal, fuels shortage and related power generation systems generated by power supplies. With these two aspects, Chandrababu emphasized alternative sources of income. The National Institute of Solar Energy, which specializes in different regions across the state, has the potential to generate nearly 40 GW solar power, of which 60 per cent can be generated in Rayalaseema districts. 
Andhra Pradesh Solar Power Corporation Ltd has been focusing on solar power generation as a joint venture of the Solar Energy Corporation of India, AP Genco, New and Renewable Energy Development Corporation of AP. Ultra Mega Solar Park was the first system in the world to produce a thousand MW solar power at one place in the world. In the process of setting up the park, Ananthapur District is set up by Jenco at 1500 MW, 1000 MW at Mylavaram in Kadapa district and 500 MW at 3000 solar power plants. Various private organizations that have been entrusted with the tenders are in the process of production. Of these, about 800 megawatts of solar power generation has been generated by the NPC and the Milwauvar systems. The companies have contracted with a cost of 2 crores. Through these projects, a total of 4,000 MW solar power production is expected to be achieved within the next one year and the prospect is likely to be achieved in the next one year. The government allocated 20,000 acres of land that was not suitable for agriculture for these projects is required by AP Solar Power Corporation Providing.  In view of the overall trend of solar power in the state as a whole, it is clear that the small portion of the solar power generated in the state in the near future will be from Rayalaseema districts

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