Rajahmundry Jun 14,(
 Jagan has been invited by the Brahmin community to join the spiritual gathering in the East Godavari district. Jagan, who later said that he was not going to come back but later gave the hand. Brahmin brothers who had come to meet Jagan before, some people, while giving Jagan the blessing, the security staff dragged them off. If you do, Jagan has not come to them. They say that if you come to bless Jagan, they would not insult me ​​there.  The delegation of the state Brahmin Committees of the Union Brahmin Communist Party has alleged that Vice President YS Jagan had insulted them from getting the Brahmin spiritual affairs organized in the city of Rajahmundry. BSNL sources said the YCP leaders have been prepared to ensure that they are coming from the 13 districts for the House. 
The JAC leaders assured that Jagan will attend the state-level Brahmin spiritual office in Rajahmundry as part of a public pilgrimage. The delegates from 13 districts attended the meeting. However, Brahmin leaders have expressed regret that Jagan was insulting his nation. The leaders of the state have become an emergency meeting at a hotel in Rajahmundry on behalf of the Brahmins. The way Jagan insulted, discussed future action. If the Vice-leaders did not react on it, the future function will be announced within two days, and we will work against the YCP. He also said that he would boycott YCP leaders along with Jagan. The leaders of the Brahmin community said that people will explain the insult to Jagan in the upcoming bus trip. They are angry that the poor Brahmins like us will be visible to Jagan unless they are like IYR and Undavalli.

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