June 25, (globelmedianews.com)
Karthi, Saiyesh as hero and heroine  of the movie and the film is directed by Pandiraj's 'Chinnababu' is a family entertainer. The comedy will be accompanied by action in this movie. Karthi is going to be seen as a farmer in this movie. The film is produced by Surya and producer Miriala Ravinder Reddy in the banner of "2D Entertainments" and "Dwarka Creations" banner. Today, the release of Chinababu audio in Vizag is a great success. Apart from Surya, Karthi and film unit members participated in this function.
Bhanupriya said, "It is happy to see you all through the film of Chinnababu and Director Pandiraj has done a good job in this film and Kardi has acted well." Sathiyaraj said ... I do not speak Telugu, so I have my speech on paper. Most of the film shooting made in 1986 was done in Vizag. Now I am happy to be in the audio vizag of the film. Surya and Karthi are good actors and Surya Success is going to be the producer of this film. Director Pandiraj has given all the characters in this movie. I believe the movie will be a big hit. "
Director Pandiraj said ... There are estimates in Telugu that there are a number of estimates in Tamil about Chinababu. Surya and Karthi made this film a half-hearted success. The film has action, family and love. This film is going to be like everyone else. "Chinababu's teaser has got a good response and the songs are good and we want to bring good luck to Miriyala Ravinder Reddy, who is releasing this film in Telugu," said Shashank Vennelakanti.
Producer Miryala Ravinder Reddy said. Hero Karthi said, "Thank you all for supporting my eldest brother and I am very happy to make the film a reminder of the farmer while forgetting the farmer and the surprise of the movie is that the movie is about to be released in July. After watching the film you can call your , brother, sister, elder sister , etc "he said.

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