Guntur, June 27, (
The state government is now focusing on water use in municipalities and cities to increase revenue. Taxes based on the water consumed by citizens and user charges will be charged based on property taxes imposed on homes. This is a necessary field. The same approach will be implemented in villages as well as towns in the state. There are 110 municipalities in the state. Of them 14 corporations and 96 municipalities. Rs 633.81 crore per annum, the municipalities are receiving income tax. Rs.71.62 crore comes from water tax. Property taxes are collected at least Rs. 2 crore in every municipality. The government's idea is that the collecting property tax is just enough for electricity consumption to supply water to homes, commercial complexes, industries, etc. in their respective towns. The government has decided to impose the user charges on the basis of water usage. 
The government divides the customers into four categories for payment of user charges in the Municipalities and City Panchayats. The amount of water consumed by month is calculated. The details of the asset papers are being collected in four divisions. The common man's household tax is low. Property taxes for industries, commerce and apartments have a higher interest rate. Fifty percent of the current water tax will now be charged as user charges if the home tax is at least Rs.250. If an asset tax is higher then one hundred percent charges will be applied. In addition to the water consumed, the water tax is deducted. Water supplied to apartments is measured in kilo liters. The building complex has a high consumption of houses, rooms, and so on. The apartment rates will be increased by 150 per cent and the charges will be charged. The Department of Commerce examines 200% of user charges for Hotels, Restaurants and Bars. Water consumption is calculated based on the pipes they use. Charges will be taken into consideration by the 150 per cent of the industry and considering the rate of its own. In this way the government is implementing a number of strategies to increase revenue resources in the municipalities. Recently, measuring the building blocks with private firms has also raised taxes on toilets and cooking fodder. Now every citizen drinks drinking water for threshold and reckons every spike.

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