Hyderabad, June 23, (globelmedianews.com)
Daggubati Family .. From Ramanaidu to the present industry. Victory Venkatesh and Daggubati Rana are the heroes of the film. After the death of Ramanaidu, Suresh, who has produced several films, has now changed the route. Suresh is going to have a new business. He has made a vital decision to produce pure milk with the name 'Happy Cow'. Sources say that 30 acres of farmland in the suburbs of Bhagyanagar is growing  30 cows.  That's why we decided not to use milk in the market and to increase the 'happy cows' with the intention of not keeping the chemicals away. So, Suresh Babu is planning to get organic milk and organic farming of the cows. This process has been going on in the last few months. 
We are providing organic food and fresh water to the cows in our farm. They are giving a pure milk. This is to inform people what is the difference between the pure milk and the outside, rather than the purpose of making money. We decided to sell the milk from cow's milk to 150 rupees. Soon I want to make the Ramanaidu studio fully eco-friendly. "But the people who heard about this milk rate are saying that they are" too much of a rate. common people cannot effort. daggubati who is a super-duper hit in the film industry, has to wait a few more days to tell how much of the business will hit.

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