Vijayawada, June 22, (
Municipalities and city governing bodies are not auditing for years. Officials said there were 35,19,004 audits of Rs 16,276.08 crore as on March 31 this year, as against 17 corporations like municipal corporations, municipalities, district panchayats, zilla parishads, panchayats, agricultural market committees, universities, TTDs, district libraries and farmers. 13 corporations, several years in various municipalities What is it happened. Without audit completion and collecting unpaid duties, there are difficulties in release of funding. At the time of introduction of the 2018-19 budget next year, he said that audit should not be objectionable and should be resolved within this. It should be done as a special program. Those who retired from the State Audit Department should take a six months contract basis where appropriate audit objections are needed. 
The municipal department does not submit the appropriate records of Rs 1,000 crore, misuse of funds, violation of the provisions, spending of funds and not collecting arrears. State Finance Minister Yanamala Ramakrishna has expressed fury over the lack of reciprocal audit objections to lakhs of people. Finance Minister Yanamala Ramakrishna has ordered the audit objections to the municipalities, local bodies, universities and the AP Housing Board in three months. The audit has not been completed for many years in municipal corporation and municipalities, while a corporation has been pending a 12-year audit pending in some corporations for two years and three years auditing pending. In the municipalities, some 2,3,5 years are being pending auditing. He also said that the balance sheet has not been fully written for those years. However, in the municipalities, the audit of the current year will be completed, officials said. Funds have been advised to identify and abuse the funds wasted, misused, overwhelmingly financed, funded waivers. Local bodies, particularly municipal corporations, have been asked to submit accounts related to the financial years accumulated in municipalities and complete the audit within three months. All the companies need to register the details of the use and expenditure. They have to complete the audit within one and two months after the details of the past year and the details of the audit objections sent to them.  A division to solve the pending calculations and to resolve the audit objections, has been suggested to complete the audit of another section of the audit and complete the auditing. The minister warned that if audit objections are not resolved within three months, they will take action against the victims

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