Mumbai, June 30, (
 Good news for those dreaming of their own. The center has been trying to reduce GST further. It is clear that the public authorities are clear. The maximum tax rate is 28 percent, but it is intended to reduce GST on all types of products and services. An officer who is not willing to be named said that earlier, the center had been working to reduce the GST on a variety of goods and services from 28% This decision has been made since the revenue is expected to rise to a higher tax on various goods. In the formula of 80: 20 the GST was decided to reduce it. 80% of revenue is coming from most goods. However, there is still a lot of revenue generated by many commodities. That is why we are going to cut GST rates in the coming days. However, the GST chain will not get any trouble, "the official said. 
First of all, we are focused on the construction sector and said that the Cement for building houses and houses will reduce the GST on painted paintings. He said we are trying to make some stimulus for the construction sector in the slowdown. In fact, the GST has proposed to reduce GST on Cement at a GST council meeting in Guwahati last November. At the time, the GST was reduced to 200 per cent of the 176 goods and services of the 28 per cent. Thus cutting the items in the maximum shabel to 50. Now, if the GST is reduced on the color of the cement and home colors, there is a possibility that the construction industry will be able to boost.

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