Nagar Kurnool, June 23, 2018 (globelmedianews.com)
The first local elections in Telangana were changing the villages. The official administration is preparing voter list. The contestants who want to compete have drowned themselves. Nagar Kurnool district is said to be the reason for the reservation. In the event of the recent elections, the money flow has become common. However, the official said that the Commission had hoped to keep the cash flow in fresh elections. That is why all the candidates are saying that the cost of the election is okay. Gram panchayats have now increased. Election campaign equipment prices have also increased. The State Election Commission has recently launched new guidelines on electoral expenditure of candidates. According to the census collected in 2012, the population of the village is about 5,000. The donor is Rs.2.50 lakhs. The ward can cost Rs 50 thousand. If the same population is less than 5,000, the candidate will have to pay Rs 1.50 lakh and the wound will cost Rs 30,000.

The candidates who contested local elections were not fully disclosed in the details of the expenditure. The State Election Commission has taken action on this. In this background, the authorities have issued orders for each candidate to compete in the election. Guidelines have also been released. The details of the election expenditure will be canceled if the details of the election expires. The defeated candidates are not eligible to contest in the next elections. Easy to disclose that the applicants have been spending their disqualification against the rules. The jurisdiction will soon be available to district panchayat officers. The District Panchayat Officials have also been asked to comply with the applicants' easy orders. Strict actions are in violation of the rules.

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