Nizamabad, June 28 (
Nizamabad district leaders rebelled against TRS Rajya Sabha member D. Srinivas. The MP complained to the poet that he was committed to anti-party activities. Many TRS leaders and public figures attended the poem residence and discussed the DS affair. Leader of the party, D. Srinivas, recently joined the BJP and accused him of favoring the party.  DS responded to these latest developments. I do not know why party leaders took this decision. They wanted to ask for that. "They complained to the superiority but they did not say I could get my throat," he said. 
The people of Nizamabad district in the past elections have made people to the TRS ... to win all 9 seats in the TRS and come to power. That is why this district is not a favorite of the Chief Minister KCR. For that reason, KCR, who is a senior political leader in the district, has been invited to the DS party. Appointed as an advisor to the Cabinet and designated Cabinet status. Subsequently, he was made a member of the Rajya Sabha. According to the CM orders, all the district leaders were given proper respect. If he is in the family, he should be personally resolved. He should not act to destroy the party. The Chief Minister wrote a letter to KCR who told the activists about the manner in which the DS was acting against the party. I remember that KCR often warned me that my children were against the party and that it was wrong. On the other hand, in any political party he has never acted against it anymore ... Even now he has not spoken against the party. If you complain, you can make a complaint. On the other hand, Srinivas has also sought KCR's appointment. But it seems to have come to know that it is not possible for two days. And to see that the matter revolves around.

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