Vijayawada, June 30, (globelmedianews.com)
The state government of Andhra Pradesh offers the people of the state an opportunity to visit the Polavaram project which is very prestigious. The Polavaram Project should be an anchor first to be considered for free. Or something that is in force through an association. That is, a Dwarkra group, or a farmers association, schools, walker club, lions club, youth organization, etc. should form a group. Subsequently, the District Level Officer in the District Irrigation Department will be informed about the Polavaram yatra and the bus is to be provided. Water Supply District Officer orders RTC Depot to issue bus facility to the community or company. The drainage department can submit a free bus to your nearby RTC Depot based on the recommendation given by the district department. If the water drainage district officer has informed you about your travel date, they will be informed that a certain part of the irrigation division in the Polavaram site comes with a delays in a particular day. Then you can get free lunch at the canteen site, free lunch. Why do you call this procedure? We can make money and go for private vehicles. Private vehicles are allowed to be viewed on the site. The coincides will be available at the site canteen. 15 Kilometers from Gopalapuram, 15 Kilometers from Thalapudi to Polavaram.
What to watch * Pattisima Pump House: It is built on the banks of the river Godavari. If the water level of the Godavari at Dhavaleshwaram is 14 feet then the water will be pumped through the pumps. * Patient Delivery Point: Pattimama pump house is 7 km between the delivery point. Polavaram comes from Pattisima and comes from Polavaram to the left 3 km from the Patient Delivery Point. The water in the pump house comes out of the delivery point. * Polavaram Right Tunnels: These two tunnels are being constructed from a hill for the next season from Polavaram to Vijayawada. * Polavaram Sitemap: It was founded at the main engineer's office on the site. Seeing this, we have a full understanding. * View Point: There is a view point to view the project entirely. It is located at a height of 150 feet above sea level. From here, the project will be fully visible. * The visit of Polavaram site will be completed with the sight of Spill Way, Dayafrom Wall, Earth Come Rock Dam Dam, Coffer Dam, Power Center.

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