Hyderabad June 15 (
State Home and Labor Minister Naini Narsimhareddy described it as an excuse to donate blood. A special event was held on Thursday at Ravindra Bharati in Hyderabad during World Blood Day. Speaking to the chief guest of the conference, the Minister of Telangana State AIDS Control Society said: People should be aware of blood donation especially in young people, not only to eliminate their misconceptions, to encourage voluntary blood donation and to identify volunteer blood donors. If a blood donation is given to each of them, it is possible that the blood cannot be prepared as a form of preparation. 
The Telangana State AIDS Control Society rally will be organized by the AIDS Control Society and it is worth promoting the youth through the meeting. The State Government will take care of the health of the people and take up many development programs to improve the health system. "kcr kit" is an example of this kit that offers free blood transfusion and emergency facilities to the baby screams. The Police Department also said that it is proud to organize blood donation and maintain their share in providing blood reserves across the state. Preeti Meena, Project Director, NV Reddy, D.D.G. N.c.c Brigadier Vivekananda, Colonel Sunil Winuel, Dr. Kiran Unial, JD Kailas and others participated in this program. The minister congratulated blood donors on this occasion. They handed out certificates and memos.

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