Mahabubnagar June 29 (
BJP state president Dr K Lakshman criticized the TRS government for being anti-dalit policies in favor of dalits. The Bharatiya Chaitanya Yatra took place on the sixth day of the BJP's victory for the change. On the occasion of Shadnagar he went to Mahatobnagar Spoke to the media. Dr Laxman said, "The government is not giving proper identification to Dalit IAS and IPS. Dr. Lakshman recalled that Narendra Modi is implementing various development schemes for poor welfare schemes and the BJP's victory in the country's 21 states.  Even if religious reservation is illegal, it is advisable to raise reservation for Muslims from 4% to 12%. TRS party, which runs the Majlis policies, as TRS-TDP, as TRS-Congress Party, TRS-leader of the leaders and the TRS-Telangana bureaucracy, said Dr. Lakshman.  
The names of the schemes introduced by the Center have been shifted to shame, claiming that these schemes are shameful and the state government is also in a position to spend the funds that the Center has provided and the gram panchayats have been completely weakened. Dr. Lakshman alleged that corruption in the state would be widespread in the state and the Commission will continue to work in Mission Kakatiya and Mission Bhagirath Schemes. "Lakshman Verma, who has been handling the fashion designs in Hyderabad, Rsincaru. Dr. Lakshman said, "People are surprised that the state has done all the funds," he said. The BJP government had hired 11 lakh houses in Uttar Pradesh and the TRS government had only built a house in Ernavelli. Dr Lakshman said that the Center has come up with a lower interest rate for poor people to fulfill their dream, but only 3 lakh people have applied for it, but the state government has not sent the applications to the center. Dr Lakshman alleged that the TRS had been forced to resign from the party and urged to come to the polls immediately, but the TRS Sarkar panchayat polls did not want to go to the polls. Dr. Lakshman has called for all sections of the people to come out with the BJP to turn the opportunist politics of the Congress and TRS parties. TRS sarkarku trisilapai (contracts, commissions, corruption) that the welfare of the sraddhaprajala, corruption, irregularities, sleepiness and even the sight of the people coming janacainatyaku Spend KCR said the government wants to kanuvippu annarupedalu Dr. Lakshman, the BJP was planned for the marginalized sections of the people to change people's lives Aitanyayatra aroroju reached sadnagarku Ranga Reddy district. Dr. Lakshman said that Jana Vahanin, who attended a massive meeting in Shadnagar, said that this trip was for the youth deceased in Telangana who were fighting for Telangana children in the hands of KCR. It is not just a BJP tour, but it's a symbol of the dignity of the four crore Telangana people. Dr. Lakshman questioned why the state government did not fulfill the joblessness of the unemployment problem and the lakhs of job vacancies have been solved. If there are more than 40 thousand teacher posts in the state, it is worse than a single post. The lowest in the country in the Mahaboobnagar district is the country

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