Anantapur June 22, (
The state agriculture department has reportedly launched a fatal attack on fake fertilizers, pesticides and seeds. Inspections were undertaken on the orders of the Special Commissioner and Directors of the State Agriculture Department in the wake of fraudulent cotton seed sales in the state. Shops in the bigger and bouquet areas of the bouquet division  were conducted undertaken. Concerned checks are running in the heart of the relevant merchants. These sudden inspections continue in the district for another three days, officials said. On the first day, two cottages worth Rs 80 lakh were seized cotton and maize seeds. The sales have been temporarily suspended due to the sale of seeds. 
On the other hand, merchants crossed 20 shops, while on the other hand they were conducting checks in the department. It has been reported that the officials are ready to issue strict actions by issuing notices to all of them. Also maintaining licenses, fertilizers, seeds and pesticide stock records. Or do you have bills for farmers? Is there a tiny bit of barrel? Were thoroughly examined. The inspection team has noticed that many of the price indexes are not established by government regulations. Some of the licenses renewal, however, have been sold out in a timely manner without taking them in time. This led to the actions of the parties and warned them to correct the mistakes. Fertilizers, seeds, pesticides bought and sold at high prices and warned that there should be no burden. All the fertilizers, pesticides and seed stores in the district have been ordered to set up e-posi visions. We have sent proposals for setting up e-poses in all stores, and so far we have received all 190-e-poses. They were handed over to shops in Anantapur, Thadidri, boutique division. These missions will come from Mumbai and come with step-by-step basis on indent. So far, 12,000 metric tonnes of boron, gypsum and zinc sulfate have been provided and they are free to farmers. The distribution would be distributed to the district as phase-by-step, and asked the farmers to take advantage of it.

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