Hyderabad, June 30, (globelmedianews.com)
No matter how many steps the government has taken, the strike can not be stopped. The ration dealers have made it clear that the Government did not negotiate with us if the government gave strike notices. They told the media what they were going to do. Their spokesman said the king has provided job security for ration dealers across the country. 2015 National Food Security Act. All India Ration Dealers Association supports us. The 5 lakh dealers across the country are ready to participate in the strike. If we do not arrive with the arrears that come before 5, I will go to the indefinite hunger strike. We are doing peacefully till now. 
The government must be held responsible when our patience is destroyed. We want to thank every dealer who does not pay the oarts for the government. We have been working on this system since 35 years. The Telangana government has challenged the suspension of the ration dealers and said they are planning to go to court. Our stomach government is not focused on our problem. If the dealer wants to change the government. Is not the reason for the state government to get awards in the Civil ...? If the job security of the dealers is to be done with the lorries, On the 4th of the month, where the Amitabh fasting rally will be said. Women unions do not come up with 80 percent to supply goods. The government does the programs that deny dealers. The state government has no power to suspend dealers. Dealers want to commit suicide because of the actions taken by the government ...! Duplicate fingerprints said there was no connection to the dealers in the black market.

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